Timeless Classics in Floor Clocks

Some facts about Hermle grandfather clocks or floor clocks

Quality, elegance, refinement and style blend harmoniously in Hermle grandfather clocks also known as floor clocks. Hermle began its journey about a century ago when Franz Hermle started manufacturing clocks in Gosheim, Germany. In a short span of a decade Hermle clocks gained a reputation for being the most modern and efficient in the industry. Hermle high precision clock movements are at the core of each of the beautifully finished impressive clocks. The legacy of timekeepers is continued by sons Gebhard, Alfred, Heinrich and Hans Hermle. Hermle is a global leader in precision clock movements and employs over 500 people in 4 manufacturing units in Germany. Franz Hermle and Sohn also have a manufacturing facility in Amherst, Virginia, USA. Hermle leads the world in high precision manufactured clock parts, mechanical movements and clock movements that are at the core of exceptionally finished, timeless clocks. Floor clocks and grandfather clocks carrying the Hermle mark are prized possessions, blending classy looks with the German stamp of precision timekeeping. Hermle grandfather clocks are available in a wide range of charming designs that blend in with traditional décors as well as modern, contemporary ambiences.

There is no dearth of choices when it comes to choosing Hermle grandfather clocks. At one end we have the highly ornate, carved, fluted and decorated Sheffield floor clock bringing back memories of a bygone era. Then at the other end we have the New Brunswick grandfather clock, a prime example of refined simplicity and sophisticated, contemporaneous elegance. Whether one chooses the St Paul, Brighton, Oak, Nottingham, St Thomas, Amherst, Charlottesville, Jamestown, Manchester, Essex, New London, Parkhurst, Trinity or the New Brunswick model, the buyer is assured of the highest quality of workmanship. Each Hermle floor clock is made of selected solid woods such as cherry, mahogany, oak and walnut, hand crafted with love, veneered, carved, fluted, molded and finished to the highest aesthetic levels. Hermle has thoughtfully coded the colour and finish. For example code 03 stands for Walnut, I9 for classic Oak, N9 for elegant cherry and so on. These floor clocks play Westminster Chimes, Ave Maria, St Michaels and Bim-Bam.

At the core of each elegant Hermle grandfather clock is the high precision mechanical movement. Hermle makes a range of mechanical movements specifically for floor clocks. The model numbers are 451-050, 451-053, 1151-050, 1161-050, 1161-850, 1171-850 and 1171-050.  Each model code has specific features. For instance, code 0461 denotes an 8 day, 4/4 hour strike(chime every quarter hour and hourly), single chime, cable driven, pendulum type mechanism.  Code 1161 indicates an 8 day, 4/4 hour strike, triple chime, cable driven, pendulum type mechanism. Model 1171 is cable drive, 4/4 hour strike, auto beat adjustment, second hand sweep, auto night chime shut off pendulum type mechanism. Each mechanism is made of high precision parts and bronze bushings assure long life and quiet operation. Antique dials have matching Arabic or Roman numerals, moon phase motifs and date indicator. Mechanisms for Hermle grandfather clocks are imported from Germany and the cases are hand crafted in the USA, assembled and shipped free of cost to each client with a two year warranty.

Hermle floor clocks are created with care and precision to keep time for generations.For more information please click here…


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