Hermle Mechanical Movements for Clocks

Hermle Quartz Movements offer so much more in a high precision package

When Franz Hermle began manufacturing and selling clocks, mechanicals ruled the day. Precision clock manufacturing was as much a science as it was an art and Hermle soon excelled in churning out high precision, beautifully crafted mechanical clocks. Hermle has traveled a long way since its inception in 1922 and today it makes a range of clocks as well as clock movements. Hermle quartz movements were a natural outcome, given the global trends towards electronic timekeeping. Hermle has four manufacturing units in German y and one in Amherst, Virginia, USA with exports to over 100 countries. Nearly a century of precision manufacturing melded with art has given Hermle a much deserved reputation for fine quality in the world of clocks and precision clock movements.

Hermle quartz movements, unlike those made in bulk in Far Eastern factories, are high quality, durable, high precision engines that keep accurate time, a perfect fusion of mechanical skills with advanced electronic technologies. Quarts movements are available in various types and are suitably coded to reflect their capabilities. The basic Hermle quartz movement, No. 2100 is a non-chiming time only mechanism. Model 2200 is the same except that it has an added pendulum. Model 2114 is an advanced model with Westminster chime and Bim-Bam melody, personalized auto-night off, quarter hour selection, volume control, chime shut off selector combined in compact package. Model 2114 is a single chime model incorporating a ship’s bell strike with quarter hour selector, auto night off and volume control. Model 2214 takes it to the next level with Bim-Bam and Westminster chime, personalized auto night off, quarter hour selector, volume control, chime shut off selector and a pendulum. 2215 plays Ave Maria and Westminster chimes Model 2987 is a special purpose quartz movement for skeleton clock works, with a gear train system suitable for Astrolabium indication. These movements have a range of shaft diameters to fit in with various clock bodies.

Though not specifically stated it is obvious to expect with its impeccable credentials that each Hermle quartz movement is made to the highest standards of mechanical clocks and electronic perfection temperature and voltage stabilized to guard against drift, assuring perfect time keeping for years. Unlike other movements, Hermle quartz movements are powered by a large C size battery and have a low battery warning indicator as well. Circuitry is designed for low power consumption assuring a longer replacement time. With a quality battery like the Duracell, it seems like an age before a replacement is needed. Hermle has thoughtfully provided buttons to select chime, night shut off and night reduction control to ensure your sleep is not disturbed, volume control and chimes settings control.

Models with a pendulum need to be fitted precisely to ensure the pendulum is vertically plumb and the clock too needs to be hung in a perfect vertical position for flawless operation.

Hermle quartz movements are by no means low priced (compared to the Far Eastern ones, they would appear exorbitantly priced) but carry  the distinguished Hermle name with its unmatched assurance of years of precise timekeeping along with quality sounding chimes.





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