Hermle Mechanical Movements for Clocks

Unrivalled Precision and Accuracy of Hermle Clock Movements

The single minded dedication of Franz Hermle in creating only perfect mechanical clocks as far back as 1922 has today paid rich dividends to a company that has survived the ravages of war and prospered, making a name for itself as master timekeepers to the world. German precision to the extreme is personified in Hermle clock movements available today ranging from the simple to the most complex and elaborate ones at the heart of most grandfather and floor clocks sold worldwide. Hermle manufactures each component of its clock movements in four ultra-modern, sophisticated factories in Germany and ships to over 100 countries worldwide. If clockmakers across the world lay claim to accuracy, precision and elaborate functions in their products, you can be sure it is Hermle precision at the core in the form of clock movements powering wall clocks and floor clocks.

Hermle clock movements are synonymous with precision, accuracy, quality and a range of unrivalled features. In an age when components are mostly bought out and assembled in a factory, Hermle still continues its tradition of manufacturing each component, assuring matchless quality, life and performance. The base plate, drive device, winder,  wheel device,  escapement,  controls, gears are all made in-house on high precision automatic machines and assembled painstakingly by hand. Naturally, one would expect Hermle to choose the best brass/bronze alloys, induction hardened and oil quenched bushings and components to guarantee that the parts last for a generation and beyond. Hermle clock movements are available for standard clocks, for floor clocks and grandfather clocks and even larger clocks with large hands and dials.

Popular wall and mantle movements are available in a broad range. Model W0132071SG is as basic as it can be, yet has an 8 day half hour striking mechanism, spring balancer, floating balance and a ship’s clock striking bell with a 65 mm diameter chime. The finest in grandfather clock mechanism is the elaborate W1171-890 grandfather clock movement featuring an eight day chime switcher capable of playing Westminster, Whittington and St Michael chimes, power reserve, graham lever, auto beat setting, second hand feature, switchable quarter hour and hour striking (4/4), 8 jewel escape wheel, night shut off and moon phase features. The breathtaking range and diversity of Hermle clock movements is reflected in the features and corresponding prices. Hermle clock movements cost as low as $ 250 and can go as high as around $1100 for the W1171-890 with a host of others in between.  Hermle has a well thought out 6 to 7 digit number code to designate features of its movements.  For example, code 130 designates a round base plate while code 1171 designates a mechanism with a base plate measuring 152 x 220 mm.  The preponderance of wall clock movements and floor clock movements gives independent clock makers a host of options in features and prices.  If it is time to replace a clock movement, the range of feature rich Hermle clock movements available for retrofitting can confuse you a bit. But then, there is a Hermle movement for every taste, preference and budget.