Hermle Ship Bell Clocks Navigate Time the Nautical Way

Eight Bells by the Hermle Ship Bell Clock and it’s time for a change of watch

Whether it is raging seas or calm waters, the ship’s bell clock has to chime unerringly. The centuries old tradition of using an hour glass gave way to using a mechanical clock and naturally Franz Hermle’s clock factory in Germany catered to this segment with its high precision, totally reliable ship bell clocks. Hermle, started in the 1920’s, is still ticking strong and Hermle ship bell clocks are universally used to chime incrementally every half hour until the count of eight, following traditional marine customs.  From its four factories in Germany the company manufactures and ships worldwide a range of  Hermle ship bell clocks and clock mechanisms, both traditional mechanical as well as high precision quartz ones for use as OE or for retrofitting.  Hermle has an unchallenged reputation for solid reliability in its product and in marine applications reliability in any working conditions is a key factor.  Hermle ship bell clocks have proven their worth and performance beyond question, weathering storms and emerging shipshape.

The classic Hermle brass bodied ship bell clock is a timeless beauty made of solid brass, about seven inches in diameter and four inches in depth. At its heart is the redoubtable and proven Hermle ship bell movement 132-071 with five jewels, Swiss escapement, spring balancer, floating balance, ship’s striking bell and a 65 mm dia bell. A regulator lever allows time regulation and the mounting flange has pre-drilled holes. As expected of a ship bell clock it strikes a chime in  30 minute increments,  totaling 8 bell strikes  in a four hour period to mark the end  of a four hour watch, presettable at 4 AM, 8 and 12.  Hermle’s large 8 inch brass ship bell clock with protective chrome plating has become a collector’s favourite and houses the well known ship bell mechanical movement. If you think mechanical movement may not be precise or accurate (points on which Hermle clock most certainly do not lack!), then you may opt for a Hermle ship bell clock fitted with Hermle precision quartz ship bell clock movement that replicates all the features of the  mechanical counterpart electronically. It has a large and powerful speaker with an authentic sound, mountable on the mechanism body or externally through wire leads. While the quartz Hermle ship bell clock mechanism is priced at almost one-third the cost of a mechanical 132-071 model, it is no less reliable and accurate, carrying the Hermle guarantee of performance and durability in demanding conditions.

Hermle ship’s clock is available as a complete unit in various designs and the company also ships SKUs as well as the bare movements to enable clock makers to design and offer precision clocks that chime eight bells with unfailing accuracy.